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About Us

About Us

LAVION is dedicated to creating value within healthcare through integrative partnerships and high-value exchange of insight. We orchestrate and capitalise on cross-sectoral partner engagement, pooling of resource and knowledge transfer, leveraging our position to identify and build projects that address unmet clinical needs. Employing a unique partnership model, our strategic approach challenges established collaborative orthodoxies and bureaucratic barriers within the sector, to accelerate the translation of ideas, research and innovation into the care setting. Our vision is to shape healthcare through innovative and transformational solutions.



We foster partnerships to acquire and share unique insight and open access to research, technology and resource. Our partners form an integral part in supporting the development of our projects, holding a passion in their field and sharing in our vision. LAVION continually seeks to strengthen its synergetic partnership network and maximise ecosystem value within its community in public and private care, academia and industry. We invite you to partner, share insight and drive advances in healthcare with us.

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We work closely with world-class medical professionals, at the forefront of their fields of practice, to establish and address key clinical needs. Through our partnership platform you can share your challenges, ideas and first-hand clinical insight to instigate new projects or to help ensure effective and translational advance of active ones. We endeavor to share relevant emerging technologies and innovations with you and believe that as part of a strong collaborative team, through the acquisition, transfer and implementation of insight, that we can improve patient care and quality of life.


Our platform serves as a central port from which our academic partners can promote key research findings and share insight. The academic sector provides a stimulating setting for healthcare innovation and we endeavor to support this by bringing expertise clinical perspective to guide and accelerate high impact translation of research across multidisciplinary sectors. We invite you to partner with us to support, inspire and advance projects in your research areas of interest.

Public and Private Sector

LAVION welcomes public and private sector partners to share insight and embrace coopetition with us. Through our platform we aim to raise awareness of emerging technologies and developments which are of interest to our clinical partners and which present high socio-economic value. We trust that in sharing our vision you can contribute to our activities while benefiting from the offerings of our network.


Projects & Publications

LAVION's projects focus on delivering solutions for improved and cost effective care. We make independent project proposals and endeavour to support those extending from academic and industrial streams. Please contact us to find out more about our projects or to access our publications, through which we are committed to sharing insight.

Healthcare Landscape

Our Healthcare Landscape publication presents an overview and outlook on the evolving dynamics within healthcare, and provides a perspective on strategies for new value creation and emerging trends and opportunities in the sector.

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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Our most recent publication under this project stream – Augmentation Rhinoplasty – presents a clinically supported appraisal of the relative merits and limitations of available grafts and implants in rhinoplasty. With a focus on nasal dorsal augmentation, an alternative reconstructive approach is suggested and recommendations are proposed for best practice. Please contact us to request a copy of this publication.

Retail Health

Our Retail Health Project is exploring innovative transformations in healthcare delivery through upstream preventative care that we call 'Care for the Healthy'.


Our Orthopaedics project stream is dedicated to the development of advanced strategies in meniscal tear repair. We are seeking new technologies and clinical partners in addressing this major unmet clinical need.

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You can submit partnership enquiries and request access to publications here.
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